Friday, April 08, 2011

Destitutus Ventis, Remos Adhibe!

Is just accepting a "Causes" invitation to support Anna Hazare on some social networking site enough? Does our responsibility end there? Is it enough to click a "like" button or post a support message as our status message? Mission accomplished? Is our patriotism limited to celebrating a world cup victory after 28 years? What about this decades old cliche' problem called "Corruption"? Is our yearning for a -free society any way lesser than the yearning for the cricket world cup victory? If we can come out on the streets at midnight waiving giant indian flags, isn't it time we come out of our comfort zones and really do something about this problem also? Shouldn't we do something so that we can celebrate our victory against corruption in much more grandeur than the way we celebrated the world cup victory recently? Everyone is showing his/her support to Anna today, which is great and heart-warming, but my question is, why should we limit our support to the passing of Lokpal bill only? Do we think that by punishing our 'corrupt' babus & Netas we'll be able to live in a corruption-free society? Are you and I any less corrupt than them? Can't the "small adjsutments we make" for our convenience be termed as 'corruption'? Is there a defined rule that says that for a wrong-doing to be termed as corruption, the amount needs to run into lacs or crores? Isn't giving a few bucks to a T.T.E. to buy a seat on a train also a form of corruption? The point I am trying to make is that let's not limit our fight/passion/support to the passing of Lokpal bill only, but rather we should have the bigger objective in our mind of defeating "Corruption" from each and every walk of our lives and for that, we may take the Lokpal bill as a small step towards achieving our ultimate objective. Let's not aim to change the whole world by oneself and let's not expect it all to happen overnight. Instead, let's start with something very small and banal; and when we'll view the results of our small acts collectively, we'll be able to see how our small contribution helped in filling up a lot of pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle placed infront of us!

Hoping against hope that maybe this time we would come out of our comfy couches in our respective homes and offices and actually do something about it! As the famous latin proverb goes:

"Destitutus ventis, remos adhibe",


"when the winds don't serve you, take to the oars"

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shrill said...

As we Indians always evince this brilliant patriotism only from our lips....warna behte ganga mein haanthh toh sabhi dhote hain..corruption has become such a vicious cycle that it calls for a lot of courage to step ur foot down and say,"I dont want to pay that extra service to TTE".."chalo chalta hai" is easier said and done..