Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kolad - Outbound Training Experience

Recently, my company decided to have an outbound training for its employees. I was lucky to get included in the list of the selected few for the first batch. It was a great experience and I also got to re-live my NDA - SSB days. This post is going to be a image-blog, with minimum comments, mostly to describe the images.

Venue: Empower Adventure Capms, Kolad, Maharashtra, India.

Sprawling lawns in front of the campus:

View from Gazebo (common dining area):

Greenery galore - A rare site in Mumbai:
Taking time out between the hectic schedule:

Early and sumptuous breakfast before a long and strenous day:
The winding path through the woods to Neverland:
The famed Banyan Tree, responsible for creating many a 'Corporate Buddhas':

An interesting sign stating "Yahaan par bore hona manaa hai"...So True:
Modern A.C. Tent houses - A Farce:

Weapons of Mass Destruction:
That's yours truly, peeping out of my tent:
the entire batch that got "Empowered":
'Anna' too realizing its high time he came out of his slumber:
Goradia a.k.a. Gujju Bhai with his morning beauty smile:
A small step for me, but a giant step for mankind:
that's me and Gujju bhai pitching our tent:
Taking some rest at the porch of a VIP tent:
......still resting...
The obstacle course that reminded me of NDA's SSB days:

Doing what we do best - strategizing, planning, but to no avail:
Live in action:

Hanging for dear life:

That's me in the front, rowing in the raft that we had made. Still can't believe it survived the trip across the river and back without any casualties:
Raft building:
A litlle competition never hurt anybody:
On the far end:
That's my team, coming back victorious!!:

Yay! we won!!:
Accomplishing the impossible, conquering "The Wall":
Look at the gap between us and the second team:
A river on the way to Kolad:

Time for Bon' (Fire) Appetite':


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