Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop - No More!

An unrepairable damage to the Pop music world was done today, when One of the greatest musical entertainers of the century, Michael Jackson died today morning in the UCLA medical hospital. Ever since the news became public, people have been forwarding texts, logging onto the net so much so that it brought a halt to the largest search engine provider (Google) for some time.

Michael's life has been overshadowed with on going controversies, but no one can refute the fact that he was the King of Pop Music. With 13 US no. 1 singles under his belt, he can be compared with Elvis, The Beetles and other legends of music.

He was the at his peak during the 1980s with hits like Dangerous,Beat it; With his album Thriller, he rose to instant success and stardom. He was considered as the originator of Break Dance. He moonwalked into the hearts of millions of his fans, who were mourning his death all over the globe.

Its been raining heavily since early morning today in Mumbai, as if The Gods are also mourning the death of this Musical legend.

He has left a vacant space in the musical world, which cannot be filled by anyone else. His fans will remeber him not for the various controversies that followed his life, but for his great musical performances.

He was an entertainer in true sense. May his soul Rest In Peace!

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1 comment:

Laghu Sikarwar said...

Yeah! May his soul rest in peace! Amen!

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