Monday, October 12, 2009

Restriction on Free Access of Third Party Bank ATMs

Earlier, in April this year, RBI had brought out a directive, which gave the consumers a freedom to use ATMs of third party banks, without attracting any penalty. This was being viewed a a great start to the Financial Year and more such consumer-friendly reforms were expected over the coming months. But the news of restriction of this freedom has come as a shocker to the Indian consumers.

August 09, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked the banks to impose restrictions on third part ATM usage from the middle of October 09. This step has been taken, keeping in mind the recommendations of an Industrial lobby, IBA (Indian Bank's Association).

As per the new directive, savings account holders will get 5 free third party ATM transactions per month, with a cap on withdrawal amount of Rs. 10,000 per transaction. Also, this facility won't be extended to the Current Account holders.

Thus, from now on the freedom of entering into any Bank's ATM, other than in which the customer holds an account will become restricted from 15th of October 09. This step is seen as the result of the influence IBA has over RBI, since it made RBI make a 180 degree turn on the directive rolled out by them at the start of the financial year, which was being perceived as one of the best customer-friendly moves by the central bank of the country till date.

This step of RBI has come up as a roadblock towards the implementation of new Basel Reforms that we were so eagerly waiting for. We hope that the RBI would keep in mind the consumer sentiments and give it another thought before the implementation of this new directive, or atleast increase the no. of transactions so that the effect on common man is restrained.
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