Monday, July 06, 2009

Fed-Ex Delivers A "Hot" Rod to Pete

In one of the best games of tennis witnessed by the entire world, Roger Federer rose to the occasion to have his name etched on the hall of fame of Tennis, when he broke Sampras's record of 14 grand slams by winning the Wimbledon '09.

This final will be remembered as one of the best display of tennis skills by two great champions. It was the longest final ever, with 77 games being played. The match lasted over 4 hours, but neither player showed any signs of fatigue, which goes on to prove the high level of fitness of these players. The fifth/last set was longest in the history of wimbledon, spanning for 95 minutes, with the final score-line reading FedEx - 16, A-Rod - 14.

Also, with this win, Roger Federer has regained the no. 1 position. Pete Sampras was seen enjoying each and every minute of the game; even though his record was broken, he was happy that it was done by someone as good as Roger. Andy played the game of his life and proved that he had a heart of a lion. With the track record of 18-2 in favor of Federer, people were not expecting much of a fight from Roddick, but the ex-no. 1 proved all the tennis pundits wrong by raising his game up several notches and giving Federer a run for his money.

The final scoreline: "Roger Federer(2) bt. Andy Roddick(6) 5-7,7-6(8/6), 7-6(7/5), 3-6,16-14"

This final will be remembered alongwith the epic battles of Bjorn Borg & John McEnroe...............and also as the greatest finals of the Open era.

With this win, Federer has proved to his critics that he's the greatest tennis player ever. Its to be noted that it took Sampras 12 years to win 14 grand slams, but Federer won 15 in just 6 years. This just goes on to prove the difference between the level of tennis played by FedEx & the others.

After the game, Andy Roddick was quoted as saying, "Sorry Pete, I tried to hold him off"

John McEnroe, 7 grand slam winner quoted this win as, "Roger's achievement is more difficult than what Tiger Woods has pulled off. He's runnig, he's playing on different surfaces. Doesn't tiger just have to play on grass."

Pete Sampras, 14 grand slam winner & ex-record holder was quoted as saying, "In my book, he's the greatest of all time. He has his critics and people point to Rafael Nadal beating him, but for me he's the greatest. He is a legend and an icon"

Finally, describing his win, Federer said, "These are not goals you set as a little boy...This is an unbelieveable moment".

In my view, Federer sure is one of the greatest players of all times, and the greatest on grass court for sure, but I still doubt his performance on the clay court. His very banal record agains Nadal on clay court raises the question whether we can declare Federer as the greatest or not.........

But for now, let's enjoy one of the greatest player's leap into history...........
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Laghu Sikarwar said...

Yeah, RF is a great player....i loved the comment made by McEnroe whilst he compared RF and Tiger Woods...

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